Cubs selling old World Series ivy for $200 a leaf is the best hustle in sports

There are a lot of ways for fans to immortalize a team’s championship win, and the Cubs have devised the best hustle in sports. On Wednesday the team announced that they are selling leaves from the Wrigley Field ivy from the 2016 World Series season for the low, low price of $200 each.

The team emailed season ticket holders on Wednesday night and presented them with the unique opportunity. Instead of throwing away the ivy’s leaves at the end of the season, the Cubs collected them for sale. A special hologram has been affixed to each leaf by the team to prove its providence and a total of 2,016 are being sold, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN.

So luckily, his bad brush with baseball as a 3-year-old didn’t scare him away from the sport. Now he’s joining his dad in the Nationals organization.

Last week, Dusty Baker said he understood his son’s worries about the draft.

We’ll undoubtedly see the Gators’ go with Singer to start Game 1 in the final week of work Faedo’s done for a while, if not the rest of the CWS going. He threw 113 pitches on Saturday 74 for strikes, mind and the only capacity in which he may see mound from here on out is in middle or late relief, if that.

That back-and-forth is what makes baseball beautiful. The odds and the skill, the unlikely and the likely. And on Tuesday night, Scooter Gennett scooted out of obscurity, hitting four homers in a game, even though it wouldn’t have been a major surprise if he didn’t hit another four home runs in his career.

I’m not sure if it makes the pantheon, though. He had 15 homers last year, after all, and having a legendary game isn’t quirky enough on its own. The only way he moves from Simply one of the best games in baseball history to In the pantheon of quirky baseball twofers is with his name, which isn’t that unusual. Maybe if he named himself after a Muppet Baby to avoid discipline from a cop, he’d make it.

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Kyle Seager was trolled by an infielder pitching in a blowout

Chris Gimenez isn’t a very good pitcher. That’s because he isn’t a pitcher, sure, but also because he isn’t very good. The utility infielder has appeared in six games as a mop-up reliever in blowouts, and he’s struck out exactly one of the 27 batters he’s faced, with a career 7.71 ERA. He pitches so that the real pitchers can rest.

That doesn’t mean he can’t troll a little bit when he gets someone out. Like his former teammate and friend, Kyle Seager, for example. Gimenez got the Mariners shortstop out on a deep fly ball on Tuesday night, and he had a helpful suggestion for him:

Gimenez retired the Mariners in order, and he did it on nine pitches, so perhaps he’s learning on the job. And while he’s bettering himself, he’s also dispensing life advice to his friends. Lift weights. Be stronger. Push yourself. Seek your limits and blow past them.

The last time the Padres had the third-overall pick, they drafted Donovan Tate, so you would understand if they were skeptical of another high school player. On the other hand, Mike Trout went 22 picks after Tate, so who knows anything? This was the pick of a franchise that’s unshackled from what they’ve done in the past.

This won’t end the high school/college debate, but it will be ammunition for years. What the Padres got, though, was exactly what they needed: upside. The minor-league system is already rolling, and they got another top prospect to throw onto the pile.

But for this team I have a powerful switch-hitting catcher. I’ll assume he would have been fine defensively because he would have been in catcher boot camp since he was a teenager, and he was a pretty good athlete. He just wouldn’t have been a Hall of Famer.

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They’re spectacular clubs with top tier coaches and players.

That these two should generate some of the best baseball of the year is already given. They’re spectacular clubs with top tier coaches and players. One should only hope that they go to the full three games, if only to deliver two more bouts like Game 1. Should they do that, it’ll be the second year in a row that all 17 games were required to decide the NCAA tournament champion in Omaha.

Since LSU couldn’t throw Alex Lange or Jared Poch, skipper Paul Mainieri elected to go with Russell Reynolds, a fully capable arm, but relatively untried in this year’s tournament. He put Dalton Guthrie on base in the top of the first, but Guthrie made the mistake of testing LSU catcher Michael Papierski’s arm on a runout attempt at second with two outs.

It’s a great product to sell, he said of Davidson. We’ve just got to find the athletes who are admissible, and can afford the product. Honestly, we have to have guys who overachieve.

How to explain the fact that only three starters are on full rides and a handful of others have partial scholarships at one of the most expensive schools in the southeast? If may be that, given Davidson’s small size, it just flat out doesn’t have deep enough war coffers to sustain a full 11.7 scholarships for baseball especially in the case of an athletics program lacking a major college football presence.

In any case, if the NCAA is looking for altruism and that vaunted love of the game, it need look no further than the Davidson Wildcats, who carry around this year’s lovable underdog persona, inherited from Coastal Carolina a year ago. Coastal, recall, won the thing outright in its first trip to Omaha, and in a year of firsts for Davidson and Dick Cooke … well?

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Smith does in fact appear to slither his way around Guthrie’s attempt at tagging him

A dangerous situation, to be sure, but nowhere near the level of failure that Tim Tebow achieved in Charleston, S.C. a couple weeks ago, flinging his bat into the second level stands at Mayor Joe Riley Park. Even so, Deichmann and Tebow are a perfect pair, insofar as both of them ended their at-bats by striking out. Such is life in baseball.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, real controversy broke out on a close call at second, as LSU third baseman Josh Smith tried to stretch a single into a double and was perhaps tagged out on his slide into second.

Smith does in fact appear to slither his way around Guthrie’s attempt at tagging him, though he also slides off the bag so who can be sure. The play of course plated Deichmann for LSU’s third run of the night to pull them within one, but Beau Jordan grounded out to follow and end the inning. In any case, this put one more nail into LSU’s collective coffin in the ninth inning, and the Gators would go on to take the outing, 4-3.

I’m guessing that White Sox fans were waiting for their team to come up since the opening paragraph. The only reason they weren’t the biggest story here is that they employed Ray Durham, a two-time All-Star who was one of the more underappreciated second basemen of his generation. The White Sox got five solid seasons from him (and more earlier) in the last two decades. When he left, they got an OK-OBP, sweet-defense season from Willie Harris, two pretty-OK seasons from Tadahito Iguchi, and a stellar rookie campaign from Alexei Ramirez in 2008.

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