Here’s one more situation in which looking ahead can pay huge dividends.

Let’s say you’re seemingly all set at running back with Le’Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette, and you already have their backups on your bench. A quick look at the waiver wire reveals there’s not a single available back who is getting more than a touch or two per game. Look closer. A guy like Malcolm Brown of the Rams is probably there, and you should snag him.

Truth be told, he’ll probably continue to have zero fantasy value. But if Todd Gurley ends up getting hurt, suddenly you’ll have the most valuable trade chip on the market. Think it can’t happen? Ask anyone who was gloating over having drafted Dalvin Cook how it felt after he went down in Week 4 — and how others who had his backup were suddenly smiling a bit wider.

Coming off the bye week should allow 2017 first-round draft pick, wide receiver John Ross, to get more playing time for the Bengals. This should give Green more space to roam in the Steelers’ secondary. Ross has been injured most of the season with a knee issue and hasn’t played since the Houston Texans game on Sept. 14.

Jacksonville gave up touchdowns via kickoff return and a blocked punt in the first half. It also missed two field goal attempts and received less-than-booming punts of 18 and 28 yards.

What do we have to do personnel-wise, scheme, is there anything we can do to get better? Are we putting the players in the best position? What are these issues, have they come up before, have I done a poor job of addressing them? Things of that nature, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said.

In short, this was a rookie-year performance from Winston, and we should expect much more in his third season. If the Bucs are going to be taken seriously as a playoff contender, then they need more consistent outings from their supposed franchise quarterback.

The Cowboys (2-3) have already matched last season’s loss total, as has Prescott with his interceptions (four).

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