the Mets have reportedly decided that the best way to salvage this calamity-ridden season is to sell at the trade deadline.

I’ve written about baseball hair before, and I have asked baseball players about hot dogs before. I have not written about walk-up songs before, because the only take I have is that Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks is the best walk-up song in the world. And I don’t know that anyone is interested in hearing that opinion.

Actually, hold on. It just occurred to me that this is my blog, and I can write whatever I want in this fresh, blank space that I’ve yet to totally mess up with hot takes. So let’s take a detour real quick and do this: Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks is the best walk-up song.

As such, the Mets have reportedly decided that the best way to salvage this calamity-ridden season is to sell at the trade deadline. According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Mets are open for business and will be sellers once the deadline rolls around. Additionally, Asdrubal Cabrera marked his return from the disabled list by requesting a trade once he decided that moving to second base wasn’t a good move for him. He doesn’t think that the Mets have any plans for him, and it’s hard to argue that when they’re continuing to trot out Jose Reyes — who is hitting a paltry .191/.267/.317 with 57 wRC+ — while trying to play Cabrera elsewhere.

While Sandy Alderson doesn’t appear to be eager to move Cabrera, the Mets being sellers at this year’s deadline would appear to be the right move. Their chances of catching the Nationals are minuscule, and their chances of snatching a wild card spot are probably just as small. It’s been a rough, drama-filled year for the Mets, but the best way for them to salvage something from this season would be to sell off some of their veterans and try to get something for them.

Either way, it’s been an extremely rough season for the team on the orange side of New York, and it looks like it’ll end with a bit of a rebulid beginning to get underway.

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Aaron Judge hit a 495-FOOT HOME RUN

Aaron Judge is having an historic rookie season, and if his most recent home run is any indication, he won’t be letting up any time soon.

I don’t think anyone at Yankee Stadium could believe Judge hit it this far, even his teammates in the Yankees dugout. Check out Didi Gregorius’ reaction to the ridiculously long home run.

Instead, today we’ll look at the math involved in a Donaldson trade. We’ll start by looking at his trade value. First, we have to set some boundaries. We’ll use Donaldson’s Fangraphs’ depth chart projection, which is an average from the two best public projection systems, Steamer and Zips. To estimate Donaldson’s 2018 salary, his fourth trip through the arbitration process as a Super 2, we’ll use The Point of Pittsburgh’s arbitration estimates to find the average raise someone with his service time gets.

For years after this year, we’ll use an average aging curve to find their expected production. The price of WAR last offseason was $9M, and for years after we’ll apply a 5% inflation rate. For the current year though, we’ll double the price of WAR when mid-season, based on Dave Cameron’s research. Finally, we’ll apply a 8% discount rate to future production, concurrent with The Point of Pittsburgh’s research.

We’ll also assume this happens at the trade deadline, rather than right now. The Blue Jays aren’t raising the white flag just yet, and they could easily be in the race and forgo any rebuild. At the same time, if things keep going the way they’re going for the Cardinals, they might not even be in a position to buy at the deadline. It’s important to remember that this exercise could all be for nothing; even if the Jays are out of it and the Cards are contending, Donaldson may not be available for anything more than a severe overpay.

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John McCain asked James Comey incoherent questions, then blamed the D-Backs’ game

Arizona Senator John McCain was one of the many asking questions of former FBI Director James Comey earlier on Thursday following his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. McCain’s questions stood out, though, because they barely made any sense, to the point where Twitter started wondering where his head was at.

Saturday saw the return of The Freeze, who yet again embarrassed another fan, who inexplicably wore the same outfit as the guy from Friday. The Freeze stumbled at the start of the race, the fan gave his best shot he didn’t even celebrate early, learning from the previous guy’s mistakes and the fan still lost.

According to Cut4, The Freeze’s real identity is a Braves grounds crew member named Nigel Talton, who ran track at Kennesaw State. So unless you’re a track runner in disguise, or if Segways are legal in Beat The Freeze, there’s a good chance you will never beat him.

Brendan McKay may be college baseball’s most complete player, with the ability to pitch and hit well. His tools are complemented by the hard-hitting Drew Ellis, who bats immediately after McKay in the order a deadly duo to have to deal with so early in the Cards’ lineup.

McKay’s arm and bat tandem earned him the John Olerud award this year, given to the best two-way player in the country. He’s recorded 385 strikeouts in his career, a program record, and this year knocked out 17 home runs, and if a pitcher tries to work around him, Ellis is there waiting just behind.

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The College World Series is here

It’s a big weekend in the baseball world, with the most important event on the NCAA baseball schedule getting underway. Teams from around the country have been participating in regionals and super regionals for a couple of weeks, but now the college baseball tournament is down to eight teams and it’s officially time to start the College World Series in Omaha.

Participating this year will be: Oregon State, LSU, Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, Florida, TCU, Louisville, and Texas A&M. Six of those eight squads are among the original top eight nationally ranked teams, with Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, and Texas A&M as the unranked teams.

Toronto has 90 games left. If they go .500 the rest of the way, they’d finish with 80 wins. If they play .600 ball from here on out, 89 wins. And remember: They haven’t even been a .500 team yet this season. The distance between them and those they’re chasing isn’t that great, but when you lay it out like that, it sure feels huge. The Jays need to look a lot more like their May selves for the rest of the year to make the postseason happen again. And given the up-and-down nature of 2017 so far, it’s fair to say that team might not exist.

The Braves are working out Freddie Freeman at third base instead of first so he can move to the hot corner when he returns from injury. It’s not a bad idea for a team in Atlanta’s position, but the odds are against them and Freeman.

I’ve never caught a foul ball, and it’s likely you haven’t, either, but this young fan at the College World Series managed to snag two in the same game, barehanded.
The reason Freeman is maybe moving to third is because the Cardinals are losing their breakup with Matt Adams.

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