Ned Yost’s ejection leads young grandson to ask the silliest question

Why that’s surprising: OK, this might not be as stunning as some of the names on this list, but it’s still unexpected. See, in 2016, his first after signing a five-year free-agent deal with the Cardinals, Leake posted the highest ERA of his career (4.69) while allowing 10.3 hits per nine innings. This year, you see the ERA. And Leake’s allowing just 7.3 hits per nine and also leads the NL in WHIP (0.937). Yep, a bit surprising.

Why that’s surprising: Why is this surprising? Bogaerts has been an outstanding hitter for the Sox and it’s not like four triples is a stunning total. I know. But check this out: In 475 career MLB games heading into this season, Bogaerts had exactly five triples. This year, he has four in 47 games.

Ned Yost has been ejected from plenty of games ‘ 40, to be exact ‘ in his career, but after Saturday, he’ll probably never again look at ejections the same way.

The Royals manager got tossed from the KC’s 5-2 victory over the Indians in the first inning after arguing about a checked-swing strikeout by Eric Hosmer.

While hanging out in the clubhouse a few minutes later, Yost got a phone call ‘ not from the commissioner’s office or anything. No, it was his 3-year-old grandson, Jordan.’s Jeffrey Flanagan pried the details of that conversation from Yost after the game. Yost said it went like this:

Jordan: Granddaddy, did you get thrown out of the game?

Yost: I said, ‘Yeah Jordan, yeah I got thrown out of the game.’

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