Kevin Durant injury update: Warriors star ‘not trying to put a date on’ return

Kevin Durant doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for him and his basketball “boo-boo.”

One week since injuring his left knee, the hobbled Warriors star was sporting a large brace and crutches as he surfaced Wednesday at Oracle Arena to brief reporters on his rehab process. But with three weeks until a scheduled reevaluation, Durant wasn’t interested in throwing around possible return dates.

“I’m not even trying to put a date on it,” Durant said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m setting goals every single day. Straightening my leg out, that was a big goal of mine throughout this week. I was able to accomplish that. Got some range of motion as I bent my leg. So that was a key for me. Just trying to set these small goals day by day.”

“I’m glad this matter is resolved,” Sefolosha’s attorney Alex Spiro told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Antic, meanwhile, also filed a civil lawsuit against the five police officers, and that case is still pending, Spiro said.

Kerr said the fact that it’s a back-to-back on the road, when the team is arriving in the second city at 3 a.m., helped him make the decision. He said resting the players will give them three consecutive days of rest.

Iguodala had a, shall we say, interesting response to the NFL Jerseys Outlet forced vacation, saying he just has to listen to what “the master” orders.

Iguodala, when told he and the rest of the main guys are resting tomorrow: “No clue. Do what master says.”

Curry, Green, Thompson and Iguodala played 35, 38, 36 and 32 minutes respectively on Friday night against Minnesota.

At least there’s going to be some college basketball on. And NFL Jerseys Cheap Lorde is performing on Saturday Night Live, so there’s that, too.

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