Julio Jones lost a $100k earring in a lake

People lose earrings all the time. It happens. But unless you’re Julio Jones, losing an earring probably won’t set you back $100,000.

Jones set out for a fun day of jet skiing on Georgia’s Lake Lanier last week. Things went south when he realized his earring, which is worth about as much as some peoples’ homes, was missing.

Riley’s friends were hyping him up by telling him to rise up, the Falcons’ motto that is often featured in the Georgia Dome (soon to be Mercedes-Benz Stadium) with Samuel L. Jackson. It’s what Falcons do.

Riley was as expected excited to be drafted. Looking back, some of these excited hugs and handshakes might have hurt for his friends on the receiving end.

Between Riley’s talents on the field, strength, and golden mullet that flows like the Chattahoochee River, Falcons fans are going to enjoy their rookie linebacker.

Packers: Clinton-Dix is a stable force in the secondary, while second-round WR Davante Adams developed into a solid receiver, and third-round TE Richard Rodgers came up with some big plays over the years. Meanwhile, fifth-rounder Corey Linsley has been a decent starter at center, giving Green Bay a hidden gem in the later rounds. With quality talent and no obvious busts, this draft is a big win for Ted Thompson and Co.

Giants: If you get Odell Beckham Jr., you’re a winner no matter who else you draft. It helps that New York got a starting center, Weston Richburg, in the second round.

Browns: Boy was this a debacle, even by Browns standards. They managed to get two first-round picks, neither of whom are in the league right now. Manziel was a disaster on multiple levels, while Gilbert was a more mundane bust but a bust nonetheless. The only saving grace is second-round guard Joel Bitonio, who earned a hefty extension this offseason despite recovering from Lisfranc surgery. There’s also UDFA running back Crowell, who developed into a decent-if-unspectacular runner.

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