Kyle Seager was trolled by an infielder pitching in a blowout

Chris Gimenez isn’t a very good pitcher. That’s because he isn’t a pitcher, sure, but also because he isn’t very good. The utility infielder has appeared in six games as a mop-up reliever in blowouts, and he’s struck out exactly one of the 27 batters he’s faced, with a career 7.71 ERA. He pitches so that the real pitchers can rest.

That doesn’t mean he can’t troll a little bit when he gets someone out. Like his former teammate and friend, Kyle Seager, for example. Gimenez got the Mariners shortstop out on a deep fly ball on Tuesday night, and he had a helpful suggestion for him:

Gimenez retired the Mariners in order, and he did it on nine pitches, so perhaps he’s learning on the job. And while he’s bettering himself, he’s also dispensing life advice to his friends. Lift weights. Be stronger. Push yourself. Seek your limits and blow past them.

The last time the Padres had the third-overall pick, they drafted Donovan Tate, so you would understand if they were skeptical of another high school player. On the other hand, Mike Trout went 22 picks after Tate, so who knows anything? This was the pick of a franchise that’s unshackled from what they’ve done in the past.

This won’t end the high school/college debate, but it will be ammunition for years. What the Padres got, though, was exactly what they needed: upside. The minor-league system is already rolling, and they got another top prospect to throw onto the pile.

But for this team I have a powerful switch-hitting catcher. I’ll assume he would have been fine defensively because he would have been in catcher boot camp since he was a teenager, and he was a pretty good athlete. He just wouldn’t have been a Hall of Famer.

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