Phillies ready to give Hector Neris save opportunities

The Phillies’ closer situation may not seem like a huge deal under normal circumstances, but they are finally giving their best reliever a chance to shine.

Since trading Ken Giles to the Astros in December 2015, Philadelphia has been struggling to find a consistent presence to close out games. April’s follies alone have epitomized their desperation and cluelessness.

In his first comments since Castro’s passing, Elias criticized the reception people had toward his death.

I didn’t really like the reaction some people had, said Elias through translator Daveson Perez, via WEEI in Boston. They were happy he passed away. But at the end of the day, someone who, in though it was a little bit, helped me out when I was living there for 21 years. I had a normal day when he passed away. I just didn’t like how some people were happy he passed away, because he’s a person, too.

Good or bad, I think he definitely helped a lot of people who are living here today. People who lived in Cuba ate his food, they took what was given to them. To have a party, all of a sudden, during his passing doesn’t seem right to me.

Elias is not alone, Castro’s mixed legacy will be debated for years to come. While he tirelessly defended the poor, he forced Cuba into economic ruin and withheld basic freedoms from millions of Cubans.

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