Titans WR Rishard Matthews honors Barack and Michelle Obama with tattoo

Rishard Matthews has about 20 tattoos, but one on his calf carries special meaning. It’s an homage to the former president and first lady: Barack and Michelle Obama.

The first president I voted for, first black president, first black first lady, Matthews said, via Logan Murdock of the Tennessean. Myself being African American, they’re obviously great role models and they let the black community and minorities, in general, know that the sky is the limit if you put your mind to it.

The kids successfully steal the jersey which, let’s be honest, didn’t seem all that difficult for C. Martin Mauricio Ortega, who really did steal two of Brady’s Super Bowl jerseys.

These intrepid children then drive while dancing, and all of this is extremely unsafe because these kids all seem to be about 10 years old to Lynch’s house.

Here, let me see that Real Deal Holyfield, Lynch says after the kids hand over the jersey.

Then kid Macklemore, young Lil Yachty, and their pals have a pool party at Lynch’s house, which is clearly the only way to celebrate a successful Brady jersey heist.

This one is particularly rough in hindsight with all the stars that came right after the No. 10 pick. An injury-prone drop machine, Ebron has done little to live up to his draft status. That said, he’s still holding down a starting job and the Lions don’t have much depth in the passing offense. So Ebron will get another chance to put it all together next year.

Barr looked like a rising star in his rookie year and a genuine star in 2015. Things weren’t quite as rosy in 2016 Barr managed just two sacks and one forced fumble while becoming a liability in coverage. Head coach Mike Zimmer, never one to mince words, said Barr could be better at all areas of his game. Barr was once thought to be a sure thing, and he could easily return to that level. But 2017 is shaping up as a make-or-break year for his Vikings future.

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