Florida baseball player slams 2 home runs on the same day in 2 separate games

Florida and Wake Forest have weathered the singularly most disruptive best of three tilt in this year’s super regional round. They’ve been drowned by rain, drowned by more rain, and grown extremely irate in the process. All three of their super regional games have undergone weather delays, a dragging influence on players’ collective psyches as they try to push through a tough super regional.

I’m going to be the first guy to do both, Greene told Evan Barnes of the Los Angeles Daily News. I love being able to hit and win games for the team or get on the mound and just shove it.

That the Padres are on this list isn’t a surprise. They haven’t been known as a shortstop factory over the years, and they’ve struggled mightily in recent seasons. But their commitment to the art of avoiding starting-caliber shortstops is admirable. If you want to provide your own drum roll, here are the best shortstop seasons for the Padres in the last 20 years:

Greene already has 93-98 mph fastball, the pitch earning 70 grades due to the combination of velocity and movement, wrote John Sickels of our Minor League Ball in March. He generates the heat with little effort and given his youth and build, even more velocity is possible as he matures. He already has a plus curveball and commands it better than most pitchers his age. His change-up is not as refined as the first two pitches but should be at least MLB average in time and very possibly plus.

The first overall pick this year was high school shortstop Royce Lewis, who the Twins nabbed to start the draft.

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