The Nets are the gift that just keeps on giving.

Opponent winning percentage: .492; tied for the 12th-easiest. The Vikings’ schedule trended on the easier side, but look at how other teams did with backup quarterbacks this season (see: Packers, Texans, Colts and Dolphins). The Minnesota defense allowed the fewest points, but Case Keenum also finished second in Total QBR.

Opponent winning percentage: .535; eighth-hardest. The Saints played one of the toughest schedules in the NFL and held their own. Not only did they win the NFC South, but they posted a plus-57 point margin against winning teams, the second-best in the NFL.

The Lakers gave this pick up in the Steve Nash trade with Phoenix back in 2012 that began their current downward spiral. It then went to Philadelphia in an ill-fated, three-team trade deadline deal involving Michael Carter-Williams and Brandon Knight. It then changed hands again when the 76ers moved up to get Markelle Fultz.

If the pick doesn’t convey to Boston, the 76ers get to keep it, but they’ll have to give up a high 2019 pick instead, likely via the Kings. More on that in a second.

Jeffery: If you ask Taylor Lewan, and if he says he blew an assignment, he’s lying. He turned out to block Clowney, and Clowney did exactly what he’s supposed to do, which was go inside. He went inside and blew past, and Taylor Lewan didn’t see it coming. Yes, it was a blocking error, because he was supposed to block him, of course, but Clowney really made that play. What I would say to people is really just stop hating. That is greatness at its best.

Thompson: Sure, the guy missed a block. But at the same time, Clowney did what he did, and I don’t think there are very many people who would do that that quickly, that violently.

Shaw: Thank god I’ve never gotten hit by JD. I can remember his first spring practice when he came to South Carolina — or maybe it was fall camp — but they taught the D-ends to tag off from the quarterback. And I go in the showers after practice, and I just had these slap marks all over my ribcage and back. I was like, JD, man, really? You’re going to have to learn just to run by me, bro.

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