Saints’ Sean Payton was a Johnny Manziel fan before 2014 NFL Draft

The Saints reportedly are interested in bringing quarterback Johnny Manziel back to the NFL, fresh off coach Sean Payton reportedly having a breakfast meeting last month with the Browns’ 2014 first-round pick.

In the first inning, Archer fired a first-pitch 97 mph fastball well behind Bautista’s back, resulting in a staredown between the two. Home plate umpire Jim Wolf issued warnings to both teams and Bautista flew out to right field on the third pitch of the at-bat. As he headed to the dugout, Bautista exchanged words with the Rays’ right-hander.

The game continued without further incident.

Afterward, Archer said the ball simply got away from him. Bautista admitted he wasn’t sure about Archer’s intent.

Gibbons, though, likened the ordeal to last week’s debacle between Machado and Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes, who threw a pitch that came dangerously close the the Orioles slugger’s head. It was apparent retaliation for Machado having injured Boston’s Dustin Pedroia earlier in the series on a controversial slide.

Barnes received a four-game suspension and was fined.

On Saturday, Blue Jays pitcher Joe Biagini threw an inside pitch that caught the Rays’ Steven Souza Jr. on his left hand. Biagini’s pitch did not seem to be intentional.

Souza suffered only a contusion and is day to day.

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