James Harden joins elite company with back-to-back 40-point triple-doubles

James Harden had 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists for a second consecutive 40-point triple-double and, despite blowing a huge lead, the Rockets topped the Hornets 121-114 on Tuesday for their ninth straight win.

The Rockets, apparently clocking out early, missed 10 straight shots and saw an 18-point Really Cheap Jerseys lead go to waste before coach Mike D’Antoni called a timeout with just over two minutes remaining.

Out of the timeout, Ryan Anderson made Houston’s first shot in more than four minutes.

“I don’t talk about nobody’s moms. I don’t cuss at nobody’s moms,” Thomas said Sunday, via the Boston Herald. “And I don’t talk about people’s families. So whatever he said, that’s a 100 percent lie. And he knows that. Because I always say keep it hoop. When it comes to basketball I talk about basketball. And I’m going to trash talk, and I’m going to compete. I’m going to do whatever I can to make my team win a game. But I don’t bring parents in it. I don’t bring family. I don’t even know his mom to curse at her like he said I did, or whatever he’s lying about.

“From this point on I don’t even want to talk about Dennis Schroder because he’s not even Order Cheap Jerseys on the level that I’m trying to be on. And I’m not even focused on him anymore.”

“Besides him cussing me out, we played against each other,” Jordan said. “He’s a great spirit and a great basketball mind, a Hall of Fame guy. Someone I looked up to coming up and even playing against. So any pointers he can give me, or tips, it’s great. I just want to be a student when he’s here.

they used two first-round picks on a glorified role player

Veteran edge rusher Lorenzo Alexander stole Lawson’s shine in 2016, coming out of nowhere to tally 12.5 sacks while Lawson spent the early part of the season recovering from injury. The former Patriots Cheap Jerseys Clemson defensive end will likely get his first real opportunity at some playing time in 2017.

Fuller didn’t have solid quarterback play last year, but he still emerged as a legitimate deep threat, recording 11 catches of 20 or more yards. He’ll have to make chicken salad out of, uh, Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden, in 2017 to buoy a Houston offense that has playmakers at every position but the most important one.

Guided by Fisher’s 7-9 hubris, the Rams failed the draft IQ test by making more dumb picks.

In 2013, they used two first-round picks on a glorified role player, Tavon Austin, and an average outside linebacker, Alec Ogletree. A year later, they landed a bona-fide defensive superstar in Aaron Donald, but offset that by using the second overall pick on yet another left tackle draft bust, Greg Robinson, missing yet another opportunity to build a viable offensive line.

They committed the cardinal sin of overvaluing running backs. Five draft picks in four years were used on running backs, including three picks from the top 75 selections.

The result? Year and after year of 7-9 bullshit. They were good enough for just long enough to fool people into thinking they’d be winners the next year, as those draft picks developed and their Order Cheap Jerseys next bunch of draft picks filled the holes.