The team probably isn’t even done yet

Meanwhile, the Bills relieve some pressure from a crowded QB race. Tyrod Taylor has broken out since moving north, earning a pair of Pro Bowl invitations in his two seasons as Buffalo’s starting QB though that has more to do with a shallow pool of available passers than his play behind center. With Jones gone, he’ll now be backed up by journeyman T.J. Yates. The franchise can also turn to 2017 draftee Nathan Peterson should the former Pitt project develop quickly as a pro.

The move makes sense for all parties. Jones will have a greater opportunity to stake his claim as a foundational player for a Chargers team that will need to begin planning for life after Rivers. The Bills, while swapping a fourth-round pick for a later-round selection, clear space from a log jam at quarterback and make a potentially difficult preseason cut a bit easier.

But the punishment of Moore is still going to be another negative mark for a team that can’t stop racking up suspensions.

Dallas Morning News tallied all the suspensions in the NFL over the last four years and the Cowboys lead the way by a huge margin. The two-game ban for Moore is the team’s 16th suspension since 2014, with 102 total games lost. The Cleveland Browns are second in suspensions with 10 and the Baltimore Ravens have the second most games lost with 55.

The team probably isn’t even done yet. Linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 4 and cornerback Nolan Carroll was arrested in May for suspicion of DWI following a welcome party celebrating his signing with the Cowboys.

It’s also possible All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott could receive a suspension stemming from the NFL’s yearlong investigation into an alleged domestic violence incident.

No position has been hit harder by all the punishments than defensive end.

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they used two first-round picks on a glorified role player

Veteran edge rusher Lorenzo Alexander stole Lawson’s shine in 2016, coming out of nowhere to tally 12.5 sacks while Lawson spent the early part of the season recovering from injury. The former Patriots Cheap Jerseys Clemson defensive end will likely get his first real opportunity at some playing time in 2017.

Fuller didn’t have solid quarterback play last year, but he still emerged as a legitimate deep threat, recording 11 catches of 20 or more yards. He’ll have to make chicken salad out of, uh, Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden, in 2017 to buoy a Houston offense that has playmakers at every position but the most important one.

Guided by Fisher’s 7-9 hubris, the Rams failed the draft IQ test by making more dumb picks.

In 2013, they used two first-round picks on a glorified role player, Tavon Austin, and an average outside linebacker, Alec Ogletree. A year later, they landed a bona-fide defensive superstar in Aaron Donald, but offset that by using the second overall pick on yet another left tackle draft bust, Greg Robinson, missing yet another opportunity to build a viable offensive line.

They committed the cardinal sin of overvaluing running backs. Five draft picks in four years were used on running backs, including three picks from the top 75 selections.

The result? Year and after year of 7-9 bullshit. They were good enough for just long enough to fool people into thinking they’d be winners the next year, as those draft picks developed and their Order Cheap Jerseys next bunch of draft picks filled the holes.