Florida baseball mob reaches all the way to outfield after Gators’ first walkoff of the season

No. 3 overall national seed Florida is hosting Wake Forest in the Gainesville super regional this weekend, and Saturday’s opening offering lasted just over seven and a half hours and 11 innings.

Much of the game was ho-hum, with both teams netting a 1-1 deadlock after regulation. In the 11th, however, the game got weird. Wake closer Griffin Roberts started the bottom of the frame by beaning consecutive Gator batters, the second of whom, Nelson Maldonado, grew visibly irate after taking a wild fastball on the left hip.

It ended up being an envelope with Cubs tickets for June against the Cardinals. The rest of the video is magic as Kolt burts into tears and tells his mom that they’re going to Wrigley Field.

Kolt’s sister Hannah told Yahoo Sports about how much her brother loves the team.

Her brother watches every Cubs game and even DVRs the ones that are on after his bedtime. His favorite players are Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell. He plays travel baseball and he’s involved in Cub Scouts and 4-H, plus he does great in school.

His work ethic is amazing, Hannah says of her little brother. He’s been carrying around a bat, ball, and glove since he could walk.
Now we just need the Cubs to see this and make Kolt’s day incredible.

But I’m still fascinated with this game, which featured errors and wind and sun and demons. It’s perfect that Jim Leyritz is the left fielder apparently, I’m obsessed with catchers out of water but it’s perfect that Jesse Barfield, one of the finest defensive right fielders ever, is screwing up at the same time.

This was something of a low point for the Yankees. They were a proud franchise with a history that most professional sports teams couldn’t touch. Heck, they have a greater history than any pro team, for my money, but in 1990, they were a joke. They were going to break the franchise record for losses, and then they were going to lose 91 games the next year.

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John McCain asked James Comey incoherent questions, then blamed the D-Backs’ game

Arizona Senator John McCain was one of the many asking questions of former FBI Director James Comey earlier on Thursday following his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. McCain’s questions stood out, though, because they barely made any sense, to the point where Twitter started wondering where his head was at.

Saturday saw the return of The Freeze, who yet again embarrassed another fan, who inexplicably wore the same outfit as the guy from Friday. The Freeze stumbled at the start of the race, the fan gave his best shot he didn’t even celebrate early, learning from the previous guy’s mistakes and the fan still lost.

According to Cut4, The Freeze’s real identity is a Braves grounds crew member named Nigel Talton, who ran track at Kennesaw State. So unless you’re a track runner in disguise, or if Segways are legal in Beat The Freeze, there’s a good chance you will never beat him.

Brendan McKay may be college baseball’s most complete player, with the ability to pitch and hit well. His tools are complemented by the hard-hitting Drew Ellis, who bats immediately after McKay in the order a deadly duo to have to deal with so early in the Cards’ lineup.

McKay’s arm and bat tandem earned him the John Olerud award this year, given to the best two-way player in the country. He’s recorded 385 strikeouts in his career, a program record, and this year knocked out 17 home runs, and if a pitcher tries to work around him, Ellis is there waiting just behind.

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