NBA Finals 2017: Cavs vs. Warriors series puts season-long debate on rest to bed

Turns out, if you were an NBA team that did not rest players over the course of the six-month regular season, you were not going to play for a championship.

For 82 games, you might have been able to take a holier-than-thou stance, preaching about love of the game and respect for fans. Back in March, All-Star Wizards guard John Wall said the NBA has, kind of gotten a little softer, because of teams propensity to rest stars. Heat president Pat Riley was livid about the resting issue, calling it, a travesty, an absolute travesty, and blatantly so.

Klay Thompson added to Cleveland’s misery by scoring 30 points with six rebounds. Stephen Curry poured in 26 points with 13 rebounds.

Despite allowing Curry to haul in an abnormal amount of rebounds, Cleveland did a better job of playing to its strengths in Game 3. LeBron James muscled his way into the paint to score 39 points with 11 rebounds and nine assists. He also got Draymond Green in some foul trouble.

Haunting chants of MVP were showered upon James whenever his Cleveland faithful had the chance. James was helped by Kyrie Irving, who dazzled with his quick cross-over dribbles and acrobatic finishes at the rim. He finished with 38 points, but shot 0 for 7 from beyond the arc.

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