Boston has actually been better defensively while playing Thomas this postseason.

Michigan had five players picked in the first 95. That’s an elite accomplishment, considering most Power 5 schools didn’t even have five players picked in total.

But Alabama had five in the top 34 and nine in the top 79. Bama had more first-round defenders than Michigan had first-rounders. The Tide won by loading up the first few rounds, and that’s despite watching its first-round crew briefly slip behind Western Michigan and Temple, to much internet delight.

The beatings will continue, as Alabama just signed the highest-rated recruiting class of its seven-year Signing Day streak and had the top-rated remaining recruit from the 2014 class just chilling on its roster as his peers got picked in the 2017 first round. At least five Tide players already have Cheap Throwback NFL Jerseys potential 2018 first-round buzz.

And just think: Mr. Irrelevant beat this program. That’s wild.

This could be interpreted at face value as Thomas admitted he agrees with those people, but it seems more like he’s being facetious and just playing along with their narrative.

But the truth is Thomas isn’t a good defender, and that’s always going to be one of his limitations as a 5’9 player living in a world where most point guards are a half-foot taller than him. The question is how bad Thomas has been, and whether the Celtics can get over his weaknesses on that end.

Boston has actually been better defensively while playing Thomas this postseason.
With Thomas on the floor, the Celtics sport a 102.8 defensive rating, something that plummets to 112.5 when Thomas is sitting down.

That might not mean anything, because five games isn’t nearly a strong enough sample size to reverse an 82-game trend. In the regular season, Boston was nine points better defensively whenever Thomas sat on the bench. (In fact, their 99.7 defensive rating would have easily been best in the league.)

Why wasn’t he regarded as one of the draft’s premier blocking prospects?

The Hoosier interior lineman was much less effective when moved to the tackle position, and will be anchored to the guard position going forward. That limits his value in the NFL, though he’s still a valuable prospect.

His pass blocking is ahead of his work in the run game, thanks in part to a relative lack of straight-line speed. He’s going to have a tough time engaging a different breed of linebacker in the pros, and that means he’s going to have his share of whiffs as a rookie. He also needs to get his pad level lower and make better use of his lower body to clear space.

Kaaya’s struggles under pressure have been the bane of his college career. According to Pro Football Focus, his rating when his blockers keep the pass rush off his back is an impressive 113.0. When his pocket shrinks, that number drops to 59.2.

His disciplined check-downs, a staple in his efficient passing game, narrow considerably under pressure, forcing inaccurate throws into tight windows and frustrating mistakes. His lackluster arm strength and ineffective mobility only compound this problem, leaving him few outs when his protection breaks down. He’ll make plays under pressure — but he’ll miss several more opportunities once Cheap Jerseys Sites blitzing linebackers cloud his field of vision.

He struggles to hit on midrange routes, lacking the arm to Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China make the tough sideline throws that can move the chains on third-and-long. Though his fundamentals are strong, he lacks the extra gear to be an elite prospect.

NFL Draft tight end rankings: Top 10 prospects in 2017 class

Athletically, Howard checks all the boxes. He oozes with potential and has the skills to be coached into an All-Pro-caliber player. His criticisms, though, are fair. Some question his determination to Cheap Jerseys Online China be the best football player possible.

Howard was under-utilized at Alabama in part due to the schemes it ran under two offensive coordinators, but his lack of a grasp of the game might have been a cause, too. Regardless, Howard’s overall talent is not questionable. He has proven that on multiple occasions.

Sprinkle is an effective blocker (one of the best in the class), and he has impressive arm length to set the edge. Perfect for dual-tight sets, his strong initial punch helps sustain blocks. He also can get down the field and block in space, as he’s agile for a man of his stature.

Sprinkle is at his best when he’s asked to block and then go on a delay route, where he is almost always a mismatch. He has good body control and can break tackles after the catch. He also can run away from defenders with his 4.6 speed.

The 2017 NFL preseason schedule includes eight nationally televised games, including the preseason-opening Hall of Fame Game, which this year features the Cowboys and Cardinals.

Here is the 2017 NFL preseason schedule, presented team-by-team, then Cheap Jerseys Pay With Paypal week-by-week.