Not tagged in 2018, Kirk Cousins likely will never be tagged again

Washington applied the franchise tag to quarterback Kirk Cousins in 2016 and 2017. Washington chose not to tag Cousins again in 2018, for one very important reason.

By rule, Cousins would have received a 44-percent increase over his 2017 salary, if tagged a third time. For Cousins, that would have pushed his one-year pay from $23.94 million to $34.47 million.

The 6-4, 225-pound Bergen Catholic  (Oradell, N.J.) tight end is the brother of Rutgers second-year linebacker Brendan Devera, who made an impact on the backs in 2017 as a true freshman.

Devera migrated to deep into North Jersey Tuesday to N.J. Sports House in Oakland, where the entire Rutgers staff watched upwards of 60 prospects from the region workout.

I got there, I talked to a couple coaches, coach (Vince) Okruch, coach (Chris) Ash. Then we started to warm up, the junior told We did some agility drills, some bag drills, indi(vidual) drills with coach Okruch. There was only one other tight end from Seton Hall. There were only two of us so we got a lot of work in. Then went over ran some routes with the quarterbacks and that was really it. It was only an hour but there were a lot of people working. Because there aren’t a lot of places you can throw in the winter, so there were a lot of good kids there.

For ESPN, an eight-figure salary would represent a $3.5 million increase over the annual compensation previously paid to Jon Gruden, who left broadcasting to reportedly make $10 million per year as coach of the Raiders.

The competition between ESPN and FOX for Manning’s services has created a sense of inevitability that he’ll take a TV job. He has said nothing to give credence to this, apart from driving the pace car at the Daytona 500, a NASCAR race televised by FOX.

Manning is widely regarded as a natural at television, combining an ability to speak extemporaneously in a naturally funny, self-aware way with a relentless work ethic that will ensure the highest level of preparation.

If the money is equal, FOX arguably would provide the better opportunity, with a bigger audience and a schedule that would allow Manning to spend weekends at home. He also could, in theory, join the Joe Buck/Troy Aikman team for postseason games or the Super Bowl.

The video was fairly unremarkable. In it, a hyper-fit athlete with a tight passing motion threw dimes to a receiver downfield. 

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