Chargers sign a tight end, but it isn’t Antonio Gates

The Chargers lost tight end Hunter Henry for the season when he tore his ACL during practice last week and it wasn’t long before people began wondering if that would open the door for Antonio Gates’ return for another season.

Quarterback Philip Rivers has endorsed such an idea, but the team’s first move at tight end since Henry’s injury didn’t involve their longtime star.

Within weeks, Yepremian was a guest star on The Odd Couple. He kicked another six years with the Dolphins, nine overall in the NFL, and even made All-Pro the very next year. All you have to do is see the reactions of his teammates in the Super Bowl video to know they wished he suffered in the moment as much as they did.

Fred Merkle received one of the unforgettable names of all time — Bonehead — because his failure to touch second base late in the 1908 season cost the Giants the NL pennant. The resulting and lasting description of that play — Merkle’s Boner — has thrown generations of 13-year-old boys into hysterics whenever they come across it in a baseball history book. Merkle had a terrific 20-year career, but when he died in 1956, that two-word description was in the first paragraph of every obituary.

Apart from fans not standing or not taking their hats off or or not getting their faces out of their phones or yelling profanities at easy-target players who are standing motionless during the anthem or going to the bathroom (either in the bathroom or elsewhere) or standing in line to buy a hotdog or hobnobbing in a luxury suite, there’s a specific tradition at Arrowhead Stadium, where 70,000-plus fans commemorate the last word of the anthem (brave) by shouting Chiefs!

So will the Chiefs be asking Chiefs fans not to turn the last word of the anthem into a pre-kick battle cry?

[O]ur plan is encourage everyone in our stadium to stand and respect the anthem, team spokesman Ted Crews told PFT via text message on Thursday.

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