LeBron James denies being ‘eager’ to see Kyrie Irving traded: ‘Get another source’

LeBron James is ready to clear the airwell, sort of.

There has been plenty of drama surrounding the Cavs and their biggest star since news broke that Kyrie Irving requested a trade out of Cleveland. Irving’s camp reportedly believes James leaked the request, and the relationship between the Cavs and Irving has reached the point where a trade feels almost inevitable. But James is breaking his silence to set the record straight on a few issues.

What you tend to find is when clubs buy a player for large amounts or smallthey will stagger these payments over a course of a contract, Wilson said, via BBC Sport.

Let’s assume PSG pay 200 million for Neymar and he signs a 10-year contractthey will pay 20 million per year to Barcelona. Of course, the selling club has to agree to that length of time.

You expect there to be a decent upfront payment though. When Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid from Manchester United for 80m in 2009, the English club demanded the fee was paid in full before it was allowed to happen.

Regarding Neymar, I think you’ll probably see a substantial initial paymentlet’s say 100 millionand a couple of payments afterwards to make the balance.

So, now that it’s established there is a way for both players to move, it boils down to whether or not the two players really want the switch, and if the teams they currently play for are willing to pull the trigger.

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Eduardo Rodriguez injury update: Red Sox lefty headed to DL after bullpen slip

Eduardo Rodriguez insisted he was fine after falling in the bullpen while warming up for Thursday night’s start in Baltimore.

He ended up turning in his worst start of the season, surrendering four home runs in a 7-5 loss, and now the left-hander is headed to the 10-day disabled list with a knee injury.

Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski confirmed the roster move to reporters before Friday’s game, saying the team hopes it’s a short-term issue but Rodriguez will see Dr. James Andrews on Monday for a second opinion.

Rodriguez’s pregame tumble in the bullpen at Camden Yards was nothing crazy, he told reporters following the game, and said his struggles were the result of just missing his pitches and the Orioles making good contact.

Bryce Harper leads the NL All-Star balloting by a wide margin, but he’s not the only dominating presence in the voting.

Two Cubs currently lead the voting at their position, three more are second, and Cubs outfielders rank 3-5 in the results, released Tuesday by Major League Baseball.

With more than 900,000 votes thus far, Harper has a third more votes than the next highest in the balloting, Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy (669,643 votes).

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