Kobe Bryant jokes about dad bod in now-deleted Instagram post

Kobe Bryant has been out of the NBA for over a year, and naturally he has been enjoying the retired life.

He was photographed by TMZ shirtless while in Portofino, Italy on vacation with his family, which prompted him to post, then delete, an Instagram photo of the picture acknowledging he is not in NBA shape anymore.

Probably the best hashtag of the summer is now #mambathick, which is what many other middle-aged dads will now use to describe themselves.

For good measure, he logged 47 points and 23 rebounds in his debut in Jamal Crawford’s Crawsover Pro-Am League last weekend in Seattle.

Porter is well aware of the attention and excitement that floats around him. Plenty of players in his shoes over the years have denied taking a glance at the latest mock drafts, but Porter is straight — he looks. He knows where he is ranked.

Mock drafts, um, yeah, I have seen them, he said. I have seen where people project me, I am not going to sit here and lie to you about that. But I don’t pay that much attention because the year has not even started yet.

That status comes with some pressure. There could be a crowd at the top of next year’s draft, especially with scouts having cast some love toward Slovenian shooting guard Luca Doncic and Texas center Mohamed Bamba. Porter does not deny that.

But if there were ever a time for a Western Conference team to give a star the night off on the road, wouldn’t Toronto be a logical stop to do so? First on the flow-chart, a coach can check off that it will be against an out-of-conference opponent, a game with far less ramifications on the standings.

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Cavs reportedly looking to sign Derrick Rose

Jeff Green, Jose Calderon, Kyle Korver and Cedi Osman. None of those are big names or big-money acquisitions, but they are all new additions to the Cavaliers roster.

They are reportedly on the brink of another acquisition, only this time, that acquisition is a legitimately big name.

According to ESPN, the Cavaliers are pursuing free agent guard Derrick Rose on a short deal.

Rose averaged 18.0 points, 4.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds as a member of the New York Knicks last season in 64 games, the second most he has played since the 2011 season.

The former MVP has also been in discussions with the Bucks, Clippers and Mavericks this offseason.

That won’t be the case in Houston, and the fact that Anthony is seeking out a situation in which he can team with two top-10 talents can only be taken as an indication that he is ready to reconfigure his game around D’Antoni’s style of play, which has more in common with Team USA’s offense than the offenses Anthony has been in for most of his career.

While Anthony’s problems with D’Antoni’s offense were well-documented, it should be noted that in 2011-12 (D’Antoni was let go with 22 games remaining), Anthony’s assist rate was 21.0 percent, second-highest of his career. He also attempted the most 3s he’d taken to that point in his career, a big step in his transformation as an outside shooter. No matter the D’Antoni-Anthony friction, the numbers show Anthony did make some adjustments to his coach’s style.

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