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NFL Dad, Week 6: Sorry, Aaron Rodgers. Have some birthday cake.

My daughter turns three this week, so we hosted her birthday party before the games kicked off. It was a confetti-themed party. There was confetti inside the balloons, over-sized beach balls with colorful spots, sprinkles on the cake, and more sprinkles at the cookie-decorating station.

Not that a theme matters to my daughter. She wants two things out of a birthday party: pizza and cake. Everything else is window dressing.

They’re learning from last year. They’re learning how to finish games and just the overall consistency from the leaders leading this football team. They are sacrificing each other — themselves for the football team. It’s a fun thing to watch.

Obviously, you want to close them out and put your foot on their throat, but it doesn’t always work out, Redskins coach Jay Gruden told the Washington Post. They have 46 guys on their team that are trying not to allow that to happen. They just made some plays. We made some unfortunate penalties and turnovers. The turnover was huge. You’ve got the ball at the 44-yard line, second and three, instead they’ve got the ball on your 2-yard line. It’s a huge difference.

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins has been quite efficient this season while completing 105 of 158 passes for 1,334 yards, nine touchdowns and two interceptions.

We did a good job as an offense, Cousins told the Washington Post. There were a lot of good decisions, a lot of good plays made, a lot of third-down conversions in big moments, a lot of crucial drives where we had to churn the clock and come away with points. So I was proud of the way our offense played today. It wasn’t perfect. There were a couple of mistakes, but all in all, we did a lot of good things.

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